Source code for mlflow.artifacts

APIs for interacting with artifacts in MLflow
import pathlib
from typing import Optional

from mlflow.exceptions import MlflowException
from mlflow.protos.databricks_pb2 import INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE
from mlflow.tracking import _get_store
from mlflow.tracking.artifact_utils import _download_artifact_from_uri, get_artifact_repository

[docs]def download_artifacts( artifact_uri: Optional[str] = None, run_id: Optional[str] = None, artifact_path: Optional[str] = None, dst_path: Optional[str] = None, ) -> str: """ Download an artifact file or directory to a local directory. :param artifact_uri: URI pointing to the artifacts, such as ``"runs:/500cf58bee2b40a4a82861cc31a617b1/my_model.pkl"``, ``"models:/my_model/Production"``, or ``"s3://my_bucket/my/file.txt"``. Exactly one of ``artifact_uri`` or ``run_id`` must be specified. :param run_id: ID of the MLflow Run containing the artifacts. Exactly one of ``run_id`` or ``artifact_uri`` must be specified. :param artifact_path: (For use with ``run_id``) If specified, a path relative to the MLflow Run's root directory containing the artifacts to download. :param dst_path: Path of the local filesystem destination directory to which to download the specified artifacts. If the directory does not exist, it is created. If unspecified, the artifacts are downloaded to a new uniquely-named directory on the local filesystem, unless the artifacts already exist on the local filesystem, in which case their local path is returned directly. :return: The location of the artifact file or directory on the local filesystem. """ if (run_id, artifact_uri).count(None) != 1: raise MlflowException( message="Exactly one of `run_id` or `artifact_uri` must be specified", error_code=INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE, ) elif artifact_uri is not None and artifact_path is not None: raise MlflowException( message="`artifact_path` cannot be specified if `artifact_uri` is specified", error_code=INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE, ) if dst_path is not None: pathlib.Path(dst_path).mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True) if artifact_uri is not None: return _download_artifact_from_uri(artifact_uri, output_path=dst_path) artifact_path = artifact_path if artifact_path is not None else "" store = _get_store() artifact_uri = store.get_run(run_id).info.artifact_uri artifact_repo = get_artifact_repository(artifact_uri) artifact_location = artifact_repo.download_artifacts(artifact_path, dst_path=dst_path) return artifact_location