The mlflow.llm module provides utilities for Large Language Models (LLMs).

mlflow.llm.log_predictions(inputs: List[Union[str, Dict[str, str]]], outputs: List[str], prompts: List[Union[str, Dict[str, str]]])None[source]


Experimental: This function may change or be removed in a future release without warning.

Log a batch of inputs, outputs and prompts for the current evaluation run. If no run is active, this method will create a new active run.

  • inputs – Union of either List of input strings or List of input dictionary

  • outputs – List of output strings

  • prompts – Union of either List of prompt strings or List of prompt dictionary



import mlflow

inputs = [
        "question": "How do I create a Databricks cluster with UC access?",
        "context": "Databricks clusters are ...",

outputs = [
    "<Instructions for cluster creation with UC enabled>",

prompts = [
    "Get Databricks documentation to answer all the questions: {input}",

with mlflow.start_run():
    # Log llm predictions
    mlflow.llm.log_predictions(inputs, outputs, prompts)