Search Experiments

mlflow.search_experiments() and MlflowClient.search_experiments() support the same filter string syntax as mlflow.search_runs() and MlflowClient.search_runs(), but the supported identifiers and comparators are different.

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See Search Runs Syntax for more information.


The following identifiers are supported:

  • Experiment name

  • attributes.creation_time: Experiment creation time

  • attributes.last_update_time: Experiment last update time


    attributes can be omitted. name is equivalent to

  • tags.<tag key>: Tag


Comparators for string attributes and tags:

  • =: Equal

  • !=: Not equal

  • LIKE: Case-sensitive pattern match

  • ILIKE: Case-insensitive pattern match

Comparators for numeric attributes:

  • =: Equal

  • !=: Not equal

  • <: Less than

  • <=: Less than or equal to

  • >: Greater than

  • >=: Greater than or equal to


# Matches experiments with name equal to 'x'
" = 'x'"  # or "name = 'x'"

# Matches experiments with name starting with 'x'
" LIKE 'x%'"

# Matches experiments with 'group' tag value not equal to 'x'
" != 'x'"

# Matches experiments with 'group' tag value containing 'x' or 'X'
" ILIKE '%x%'"

# Matches experiments with name starting with 'x' and 'group' tag value equal to 'y'
" LIKE 'x%' AND = 'y'"