We are happy to announce the availability of MLflow 1.10.0!

In addition to bug and documentation fixes, MLflow 1.10.0 includes the following features and improvements:

  • MlflowClient.transition_model_version_stage now supports an archive_existing_versions argument for archiving existing staging or production model versions when transitioning a new model version to staging or production (#3095, @harupy)
  • Added set_registry_uri, get_registry_uri APIs. Setting the model registry URI causes fluent APIs like mlflow.register_model to communicate with the model registry at the specified URI (#3072, @sueann)
  • Added paginated MlflowClient.search_registered_models API (#2939, #3023, #3027 @ankitmathur-db; #2966, @mparkhe)
  • Added syntax highlighting when viewing text files (YAML etc) in the MLflow runs UI (#3041, @harupy)

For a comprehensive list of changes, see the release change log, and check out the latest documentation on mlflow.org.