We are happy to announce the availability of MLflow 2.3.0!

MLflow 2.3.0 includes several major features and improvements


  • [Models] Introduce a new transformers named flavor (#8236, #8181, #8086, @BenWilson2)
  • [Models] Introduce a new openai named flavor (#8191, #8155, @harupy)
  • [Models] Introduce a new langchain named flavor (#8251, #8197, @liangz1, @sunishsheth2009)
  • [Models] Add support for Pytorch and Lightning 2.0 (#8072, @shrinath-suresh)
  • [Tracking] Add support for logging LLM input, output, and prompt artifacts (#8234, #8204, @sunishsheth2009)
  • [Tracking] Add support for HTTP Basic Auth in the MLflow tracking server (#8130, @gabrielfu)
  • [Tracking] Add search_model_versions to the fluent API (#8223, @mariusschlegel)
  • [Artifacts] Add support for parallelized artifact downloads (#8116, @apurva-koti)
  • [Artifacts] Add support for parallelized artifact uploads for AWS (#8003, @harupy)
  • [Artifacts] Add content type headers to artifact upload requests for the HttpArtifactRepository (#8048, @WillEngler)
  • [Model Registry] Add alias support for logged models within Model Registry (#8164, #8094, #8055 @arpitjasa-db)
  • [UI] Add support for custom domain git providers (#7933, @gusghrlrl101)
  • [Scoring] Add plugin support for customization of MLflow serving endpoints (#7757, @jmahlik)
  • [Scoring] Add support to MLflow serving that allows configuration of multiple inference workers (#8035, @M4nouel)
  • [Sagemaker] Add support for asynchronous inference configuration on Sagemaker (#8009, @thomasbell1985)
  • [Build] Remove shap as a core dependency of MLflow (#8199, @jmahlik)

Bug fixes:

  • [Models] Fix a bug with tensorflow autologging for models with multiple inputs (#8097, @jaume-ferrarons)
  • [Recipes] Fix a bug with Pandas 2.0 updates for profiler rendering of datetime types (#7925, @sunishsheth2009)
  • [Tracking] Prevent exceptions from being raised if a parameter is logged with an existing key whose value is identical to the logged parameter (#8038, @AdamStelmaszczyk)
  • [Tracking] Fix an issue with deleting experiments in the FileStore backend (#8178, @mariusschlegel)
  • [Tracking] Fix a UI bug where the “Source Run” field in the Model Version page points to an incorrect set of artifacts (#8156, @WeichenXu123)
  • [Tracking] Fix a bug wherein renaming a run reverts its current lifecycle status to UNFINISHED (#8154, @WeichenXu123)
  • [Tracking] Fix a bug where a file URI could be used as a model version source (#8126, @harupy)
  • [Projects] Fix an issue with MLflow projects that have submodules contained within a project (#8050, @kota-iizuka)
  • [Examples] Fix lightning hyperparameter tuning examples (#8039, @BenWilson2)
  • [Server-infra] Fix bug with Cache-Control headers for static server files (#8016, @jmahlik)

Documentation updates:

  • [Examples] Add a new and thorough example for the creation of custom model flavors (#7867, @benjaminbluhm)

For a comprehensive list of changes, see the release change log, and check out the latest documentation on mlflow.org.